Love Satchel

 Includes three stones:  Rose Quartz, Rhondonite and Rhodochrosite.   Small bag included.

 Rose Quartz – Used for unconditional love and to attract all forms of love.

Rhondonite – Used to decrease anxiety and balance emotions.  

Rhodochrosite – Used for healing a broken heart and for overcoming and releasing past emotional wounds.   


Prosperity Satchel

 Includes three stones:  Green Aventurine, Tiger’s Eye, and Jade.  Small bag included.

 Green Aventurine –  Used for prosperity and career success.  

Tiger’s Eye – Used to stabilize and ground and to bring prosperity and enhance good luck.  

Jade –  Used to attract abundance and emotional balance.  


Protection Satchel

 Includes three stones:  Hematite, Labradorite, Black Tourmaline.  Small bag included.

 Hematite – Used to ground and protect.  

Labradorite – Used to balance and increase intuition and psychic development.  

Black Tourmaline – Used to ground excess energy and deflects and transform negative energy.  

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